March 2, 2018

It's hard to believe it's already March. Two months of the year are already gone, only one month remaining in Q1 of 2018. And if you set those big outlandish goals at the beginning of the year, there's no better time to check in on your progress than right now. The only way you can build on those goals and objectives is to make sure you're meeting the minimum targets that you need meet every single week, every single month, every single quarter to make sure they're achievable. 

February 21, 2018

We're looking for the right partners. We're looking for people who truly want to build something special in the insurance and financial services industry. And want to do it with a company that wants to partner with them. So, if you're a fly-by-night part-timer, that's not really all we're about. We're looking for people that are committed through thick and thin and understand that anything worth anything in life is usually hard as nails to be able to pursue and happen for you. So we'd love to to have a conversation with you, we'd love to explore and discover what is that you do and how we can partner together to make both of our pratices flourish.

January 3, 2018

It's a black and white question to what it is you want to do with your life.  Be part of the 95% of people who follow someone else's plan or be part of the 5% that creates their own. You must decide....

November 22, 2017

I've always pushed the limits.

Reached for the stars when everyone said it wasn't possible.  If you don’t push yourself PAST your current ability, you can’t grow. You have to fall to improve. Falling is part of getting better.

For the past 7 years I've done just that.  Leading an office to record levels of production, breaking barriers year after year and setting new benchmarks that once were unimaginable.  But after you achieve this, you constantly ask yourself, "what's next?"

Lyfe on top is a lonely existence.  Just like Drake said, "people like you more when your working towards something not when you have it."  That hunger, that drive, that desire, it just wasn't the same. So, time for change.

I've had this reocc...

November 14, 2017

There is no get rich quick scheme that builds long term wealth.  The secret to success in all areas of life comes down to a few small details and Hustle sets near or at the top.  How hard are you willing to work to get what you truly desire in life? Go all in, and live a life with no regrets. 

LyfeBeast partners with insurance agents and financial advisors that live their life by this philosophy.  If you are interested in taking your practice to the next level in 2018, owe it to yourself to check us out.

Life is too short to stay the same each day.  If you have goals or dreams you want to pursue, then do it.

That is what LyfeBeast is all about.  

Partnering with those who are willing to learn more, grow more, inves...

November 8, 2017

Imagine partnering with a company that cared as much about your personal development as they do about the bottom line....

say hello to LyfeBeast 

October 27, 2017

How do you start your week or a typical workday?  On the drive to the office are you already counting the days until the weekend? Before you start your day off on the wrong foot, understand that your attitude is the key driver for passion in your work, and that passion will increase your performance.

Passion can't forced. It comes from caring about what you do. When passion is the driver  behind your work, there are several benefits. The first being that work can become a joy. Passion for work can even make you forget that you may be working for someone else, because each task you take on will help you reach another personal goal.

The second aspect of finding your passion is that you...

October 13, 2017

Life is too short to stay the same each day.  If you have goals or dreams you want to pursue, then do it.

That is what LyfeBeast is all about.  

Partnering with those who are willing to learn more, grow more, invest more and go for do what others don't, so they can live the life others won't.

Reinventing themselves each day so they can be the best possible advisor and leader to their clients, friends and ones they love the most.


To find out what LyfeBeast Insurance Marketing Partners has to offer, contact us at:


7400 E. McCormick Parkway, Suite A-100

Scottsdale, AZ  85258

(480) 626-0296

October 4, 2017

Leaving a legacy isn't a choice; we all leave some kind of legacy. But you can choose whether those who come after you will remember you positively or negatively.

Your legacy is made up of the convictions and traits you model to inspire the generation you leave behind. The good news is, as long as you’re still breathing you can assess your legacy and make sure you are walking in the right direction. What can you do today to validate that you’re on the path to leaving a respected legacy?  Making a list is a great place to put your stick in the ground. Though your list of respected traits may vary from ours, this is a good place to start:

Live With Integrity

Having integrity is the ability to be honest and present your views and f...

September 22, 2017

 Growth is hard. Especially hard when it involves change. I know most of us have been at a point in our lives where we knew we needed to make a tough and drastic decision to reach our full potential but that pesky thing called fear paralyzed us from taking the first step.

In these situations WE ARE OUR OWN WORST ENEMY.

We tell ourselves reason after reason why now is not the right time. Here are just a handful of the excuses you will make to yourself when faced with this situation.

The Timing Is Off, I Don't Have Everything Lined Up

All people love to say they live for today and not for tomorrow, but the real reason we tell ourselves this is because we want to delay doing anything that requires diligent effort and hard work.  The sad...

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Thomas Shultz

Founder - Managing Partner


"No company that exists today in the Insurance and Financial Services industry is ever going to figure out how to connect with Millennials and Generation Z.  We will change that. "

"Lyfe is all about choices.  The secret to having a happy and successful life is first to understand that everyone that has ever invented or created anything is no different than you, they just got out of their comfort zone and took a risk."

—Thomas Shultz

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September 22, 2017

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