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Why LyfeBeast Insurance?

Freedom. Honesty. Our Marketing Is the Best. We Build Your Financial Plans for Presentation.

Marketing Programs

No Gimmicks. No Jump-Ropes. No Hoops.

We Provide Office Space If You Need It. We Pay Street Commissions & 100% Vesting from day one!

By providing support for every aspect of the business, you can concentrate on what you do best, serving your customers.  At LyfeBeast we want to be the BEST, we want the best financial professional, and we strive for excellence.

Our Workshops are the best!

To assist consumers looking for information related to the challenges and decisions associated with financial strategies, LyfeBeast is projecting 265 workshops in 2018 with the most up-to-date information, leaving a potential customer with all the information required to make decisions about their financial future.

Marketing programs that work.

Marketing programs can get complicated. That's why you need help and our programs are the best the industry has to offer. You get a dedicated concierge team to help you stay on top of

every aspect.


‣ CRM and custom client newsletter.

‣ Direct Mail custom lead campaigns.

‣ Turnkey workshop marketing systems.

‣ Website, Youtube, and social media development.

‣ Our workshop marketing system will triple your business in 1 year!

Let us build the plans so you can focus on what you do best.

Case design and building financial plans take time. Why not let us shoulder that burden so you can do what you do best, serve your clients!

‣ Proprietary planning software and timelines.

‣ CRM systems to help keep up with the details.

‣ Product experts and partners at your fingertips.

‣ Presentations designed to leave no question unanswered.

‣ We can give you back over half your time by letting us handle the details!

We are straightforward, honest and ethical.

We care about clients and our advisors. We will always tell the truth no matter the outcome because it's the only way to do business.

‣ Our Culture trumps any dollar amount.

‣ Clients over profit mentality.

‣ Honesty.

‣ Integrity.

‣ Credibility.

‣ No exceptions.

If you need a place to call home, we have a space for you.

Real Estate prices continue to climb so why not take advantage of our office space? 

Client friendly? You bet. Assistant friendly? Of course. You tell us what you need, we will make it happen. Using our services can put tens of thousands of dollars back in your pocket to use for marketing!


Payouts at their best.  No tiers, levels or nonsense. We've seen more complicated payout grids over the last few years than we care to mention. We subscribe to simplification. Street comp paid directly from the carriers, no middlemen.

‣ Street level compensation.
‣ 100% vesting from day one.
‣ W2 option available with subsidized benefits.

‣ Incentive and award trips from carrier partners.
‣ You submit the business and we will track it and make sure you get paid.    

Why LyfeBeast?

LyfeBeast exists to be a guide for those who seek to become all they can with all they have been given in the Financial Industry.

Why Partner with LyfeBeast?

We try and make it simple for our Agents and our Advisors. We pay street commissions from day one. One-hundred percent vesting from day one.

Why put Trust in LyfeBeast?

We know what it takes to get to the top. We have a solid, ethical culture. We give back to the industry. We're never fake and live by the Golden Rule.

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