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Passion is the blueprint for success...

How do you start your week or a typical workday? On the drive to the office are you already counting the days until the weekend? Before you start your day off on the wrong foot, understand that your attitude is the key driver for passion in your work, and that passion will increase your performance.

Passion can't forced. It comes from caring about what you do. When passion is the driver behind your work, there are several benefits. The first being that work can become a joy. Passion for work can even make you forget that you may be working for someone else, because each task you take on will help you reach another personal goal.

The second aspect of finding your passion is that you will have a new energy for each day. It may take setting the habit at first, but you’ll wake up excited about going to work and be able to be our most efficient in the hours you're there. Your mind is clear, you're more productive, and you make fewer mistakes. You no longer watch the clock but engage in deliberate, productive action.

Thirdly, your passion catches the attention of those around you. This is good for the company not only because of your increased productivity, but because those around you notice and tend to ramp up their game as well. Also, your manager or directors notice your work performance as well. They see the increase in your quality output, in your efficiency, and in your attitude. People are watching, and that’s okay because the people who are watching are the ones who have the power to make decisions regarding your future.

So how do you get this endless passion today?

Act Like You Are In Charge!
The first step is to understanding how your contribution fits into the overall picture of the company’s vision. Get a grasp of how your performance affects the business by understanding managements expectations. How do you do that? The first step is to ask your boss simply what his or her expectations are. Don’t automatically believe that this should be communicated to you on a daily basis. Even the most successful businesses in the world suffer from poor internal communication. Request time with your boss and explain how passionate about the job you are and that you would like to know what their expectations are and how your role fits within the organization.
Don't Hide In The Shadows!

Doing passionate work provides other benefits as well. Being passionate about your work allows you the freedom to take more risks. You begin to look for better ways of accomplishing a task, not just to make life easier for you, but to improve the bottom line of your organization. The more chances you take to better your performance, the more valuable you are to the company. Make decisions. They don't have to be perfect, just make one. In fact, make several. Don't hide in the shadows waiting for someone else to take the risk. When you find the intersection of what you love and where you excel, there is no stopping the ideas and innovation flow. Don't worry about making mistakes either, because innovation requires them. Most company leaders would prefer an employee with passion enough to try and fail than just to show up for their J.O.B.

Fix Yourself First!

Okay, so you know that being passionate about your job is important, and you want to be passionate and make a difference. But, how do you get passion if you don’t feel it now? Should you fake it till you make it? Remember that it is not really how you feel about your job… sort of. First, if you can’t find any joy at all with your current position, you should be looking for another job. Looking to excel at a position you loathe will just create a mess for you and the organization.

On the other hand, if you like the company, the atmosphere, the company’s mission, vision, and values statements, and what they stand for, you can still get passionate about the work. Remember: the value you bring to the company increases the value they are able to give back to you.

You may need more training and education to get to a position that you truly love, but for now, the way to get passionate about your work is first to get motivated. Remember that passion is a state of mind. Set a personal, realistic goal for the quarter that is in line with the direction of the company. Once you know where you’re going and how you’ll get there, you’ll find it easier to get passionate about your work. The natural result of an increase of passion is an increase in productivity, which should lead to an increase in your company’s bottom line and eventually an increase in your bottom line.

Life is too short to stay the same each day. If you have goals or dreams you want to pursue, then do it.

That is what LyfeBeast is all about.

Partnering with those who are willing to learn more, grow more, invest more and go for do what others don't, so they can live the life others won't.

Reinventing themselves each day so they can be the best possible advisor and leader to their clients, friends and ones they love the most.

Disrupting the Independent Insurance &

Financial Advisor Marketing Landscape


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