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Vive la Vida a Plenitud

Hola! My name is Lillian McCord. I'm originally from Caguas, Puerto Rico, but I've spent a good portion of my life traveling the globe and living in different places and cultures, like Naples, Italy, Mons, Belgium, and Charleston, SC.  However one day I visited Arizona, saw a sunset, and fell in love.

I received my Masters of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and worked in the telecommunications industry for several years.  Following a break to actively take care of my wonderful children, I decided to return to the workforce, and it was one of the best decisions of my life—because I found LyfeBeast. I count myself very lucky to be a part of the LyfeBeast team—it's a fantastic group of people who genuinely believe in, and care, about what they do, and who they serve. 

And now my days are entirely perfect. Between the fantastic sunrises and sunsets, I have my family, and I have my LyfeBeast family, and I know what it is to be genuinely content!

Lillian Mccord
Director of Marketing
and Operations
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