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Amber Doig
| Insurance Specialist

Amber Doig has over six years of financial experience and she is excited to start helping individuals directly. While previously working for a credit union, Amber found a passion for helping others meet their financial goals. She recognized that any customer relationship should be based on the basic principle of people helping people. This simple and powerful idea is the key to providing quality service.

An Arizona native, Amber currently resides in her hometown of Apache Junction. She shares her home with two dogs, two cats, and her husband. Amber met her husband in a college choir course in 2010 while studying vocal performance. In additional to sharing a love of music, both Mr. and Mrs. Doig share a passion for science. Amber previously studied astrophysics and hopes to pursue science communication efforts in the future. Her husband, David, is currently teaching science and robotics in the East Valley. The Doigs enjoy spending their time learning a wide range of hobbies and skills. If you keep an eye peeled, you may spot them reenacting celtic blacksmithing out at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. The Doigs can also be found volunteering their time at local East Valley Astronomy Club star parties sharing the night sky with curious viewers of all ages.

Amber Doig is blessed to have a life full of laughter and variety. She spent a long time learning that stress is the nemesis to happiness. Finances are a big stress for many individuals. Amber is passionate that her skill set can be used to help relieve that stress for others so they can focus on more important things like having fun.

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